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You might enjoy the animated version of this little cartoon essay

Exercisingmy artistic license, I have omittedthe pathologists' gloves and other safetyequipment. And of course, in real life, there may be photographers,evidence technicians, police, hospital personnel, and others.These pathologists will submit the tissue they saved to the histology lab tomorrow, to be made into microscopic slides.

Autopsy photo-- ruptured carcinoma of the ascending colon

In her last sitting with photographer Bert Stern she mentioned to him that she had a scar. If you look at the Bel Air Hotel photos (with the see through scarf) you can see the scar in those photos which were taken before she died.
It’s a very mysterious death, with many loose ends that were never investigated. The housekeeper washing sheets in the wee hours of the morning, the ambulance driver’s statements, the crime scene seeming to be staged, and on and on. That’s not even taking into consideration the Kennedy’s possible involvement. ( I always think about the Chappaquiddick incident) It’s all just a little too fishy to me.

This is no substitutefor the real autopsy, though my team does these as a supplement.

The best photos are Scott Wagner's "Color Atlas of the Autopsy" (December 2003).