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Similar to every other style of leadership, there are advantages and disadvantages of democratic leadership. Some of these benefits and drawbacks are outlined below:

There are “autocratic situations” and “democratic situations,” normal and crisis conditions, and routine and novel crises.

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Team members under democratic leadership tend to be supportive and strong. Honesty flourishes and more collective working is done because the opinions of everyone are taken into consideration. Democratic leaders are usually popular within the organization.

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The manager also tends to closely monitor the employees, not allowing them to deviate from the plan (Exploring Different Management Styles).
In contrast the permissive autocratic style still allows the manager to make whatever decision he or she feels is in the best interest of the organization, while still allowing subordinates the ability to execute their job as they see best as long as they achieve the goal set by the manager (Exploring Different Management Styles).
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These styles are known as the Autocratic, Democratic and Laissez faire

He mentioned the Autocratic, democratic and manipulative leaders.

Democratic leadership style examples include Dwight D, Eisenhower, who was a military leader faced with the challenge of getting the Alliance forces to be in agreement on a common line of attack. He put in hard labor to ensure that there was a united front, so that a common understanding could be reached. This is considered one of his greatest accomplishments as a leader.

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In the majority of corporate cultures, the democratic leadership style is generally used. There are good results garnered from democratic leaders, which is evident in the level of employee satisfaction that takes place in such an environment. However, the democratic leadership approach will not always get the job done. A democratic leader will have to learn how to put his or her foot down and come to a decision in certain situations.

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Democratic leadership can sometimes come across as being indecisive. In certain situations, especially during a crisis, leaders must be very directive and democratic leaders do not function well in an authoritarian role. In the midst of a crisis, no time is usually available to address everyone concerned.

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The techniques used in democratic leadership play a significant role in creating job satisfaction, since a sense of autonomy, control and participation is fostered within the democratic leadership style. Greater participation from employees during the decision-making process could also result in more creative solutions and greater innovation to address problems and serve the organization better. Below are some specific advantages of democratic leadership:

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The four main types of management styles are widely recognised as Democratic, Autocratic, Consultative and Laissez Faire; each with their own advantages and disadvantages for an organisation adopting these.

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