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Considering that it's such a short poem, 's poem "Funeral Blues" has a pretty complicated history. Auden first wrote it in 1936 as part of The Ascent of F6, a play that he co-wrote with Christopher Isherwood. In the play, the poem was , which means that it was snarky, mocking, and overblown. It poked fun at a dead politician, which is maybe not so classy, but something we're all guilty of now and then.

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And since Four Weddings and a Funeral, the poem has been taken really seriously as a dirge (a mourning song, usually sung at a funeral). So even though it started as a mocking satire, Auden's changes to it and the culture's use of it have totally transformed the way we read it today.

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More Essays:Funeral Blues Analysis Essay sample - Papers and Articles The poem ‘Funeral Blues’ is about a person’s partner passing away and consequently, their whole world is destroyed and becomes meaningless.

Auden’s “Funeral Blues” was first published as “Song IX” from ‘Twelve Songs’ (1936).The poem conjures up the atmosphere of a funeral.

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Funeral Blues The poem begins with the line "Stop all Sign up to view the whole essay and download the PDF for anytime access on Funeral Blues Analysis - ShmoopTechnical analysis of Funeral Blues literary devices and the technique of W.

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But the poem has had an even more interesting afterlife. In 1994, it was featured in the film , which was a massively successful British romantic comedy. One of the characters in the film does a heartbreaking rendition of the at his lover's funeral. After the movie came out, interest in Auden from the general public skyrocketed, and publishers started re-issuing his poems right and left.

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Numerous quotesFree funeral blues Essays and Papers - 123helpmeFree funeral blues papers, The essay portrays two brothers who An Analysis of Dickinson’s I Felt a Funeral in My Brain - An Analysis of Dickinson’s The Mood in Funeral Blues by W.H.

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AUDEN ANALYSIS During Auden Sign up to view the whole essay and download the PDF for What are the themes, issues and ideas of "Funeral Blues Get an answer for 'What are the themes, issues and ideas of "Funeral Blues" by W.

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