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The phrase was coined by Lee Ross some years after a classic experiment by Edward E

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Carol Dweck is Professor of Psychology at Columbia University. She is a leader in the field of student motivation and her research is widely recognised. Over many decades she has developed a highly influential theory of student motivation building on the work of others, notably on ‘attribution theory' – what we attribute for our failures and successes.

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Why bother with Dweck? A recent review of research by Hattie, Biggs and Purdie into the effectiveness of Study Skills programmes found that the programmes that had the greatest effect focussed on the ‘attribution' by students of what affected their learning – this is precisely Dweck's focus. Whether students attribute their success to something they can change or to something they can't is immensely influential, and this attribution can be changed. The effect sizes found by Hattie et al showed that work on attribution can improve a student's performance by between two and three grades!

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These methods have been found to make huge differences to students' attribution, and have doubled attainment in mathematics and related subjects. Students can self assess against criteria, or against model answers with a mark scheme.

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