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Special mention should also be made about the contribution of Indian women writers in English towards the identity formation of India with regard to their poignant novels.

In this essay I will try to explain why visions of the future are so common in literature.

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In this magnificent piece of English literature, Chaucer expresses both his disappointment and admiration for the England Church through many different Church pilgrims form high social class to common people.

Geoffrey Chaucer, a pioneer of English Literature’s works carried mass appeal.

The main reason for including Critical Approaches to Literature as a required course for English majors is to incorporate a sense of multi-culturalism and feminism into the English major....

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But going by the traditional practice at the secondary school level in El Centro Elementary School District, there are indications that Literature and English Language are treated as two separate school subjects....

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In this respect, English literature of the Renaissance may be seen as a refinement of its earlier works, helped in part by the collapse of the universal church and the rebirth of Greek and Roman ideas.

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Which tells us something else about the Romantic era which expression was perhaps everything to do with them -- expression in art, music, poetry, drama, literature and philosophy.

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The theme of nature in sixteenth century English literature functions as a means of expression, connection and understanding to the people of the time period and serves as a way of association and knowledge of one's individual self, sixteenth century British society, and perceptions of God....

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While Eve may not have been as smart as other females in literature, she possesses character, morality, and honesty that is not seen in great detail by others....

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But a great English literature teacher will forever have a lasting impact upon their disciple, a great teacher will be able to provide their students with genuine interest in the mechanics of English literature.

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Literature supports all areas of the language arts curriculum. The chapter-opening classroom vignette shows how literature brings together all of the language arts. Listening to stories provides opportunities for honing listening skills, and discussion allows children to express their thoughts, feelings, and reactions. When students read literature, they are practicing their comprehension strategies in meaningful situations. Young writers may use various genres of literature as models for their own writing and literature can be the basis for creative dramatics. Children can find stories to read and puzzles to solve on the Internet, and the computer can serve as a word processor for creating stories of their own. Literature helps children deal with their problems. By finding out about the problems of others through books, children receive insights into dealing with their own problems, a process called bibliography.