Well, there are numerous reasons against capital punishment.

Death penalty should continue in order to eliminate the garbage of our society.

The Case Against Capital Punishment.

Ultimately, the key issue regarding the death penalty is as follows: is the death penalty an appropriate form of punishment for the United States of America’s judicial system to impose.

Opponents of the death penalty have a distinct advantage when arguing their point over advocates.

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What kind of a God is this? What claim has He to the name of Father? What kind of a Lawgiver is this, who publishes the law, but keeps the penalty concealed, a secret, with Himself only? What would be said of a king who should enact a code of laws, annexing to every one of them, as a warning to evil-doers, the punishment of death; but never make this fact known to the people? And what if every transgressor were seized, and put to a most horrible death by torture, and this also kept secret from his friends and relations, and from all the world?

Thirdly, death penalty assures safety of the society by eliminating these criminals.

Dr. Clarke says, on Matt. iiI 12: "He will burn up the chaff, that is, with unquenchable fire, Le Clerc says: "By these words is signified the utter destruction of the Jews;" and Bp. Pearce remarks: "In this whole verse the destruction of the Jewish state is expressed in the terms of the husbandman." [See Paige's ] These eminent orthodox writers understand the scriptural usage of the language, and show us that the judgments symbolized by it are not endless in duration, nor located beyond the earth. It is plain, therefore, that the Savior employed the phrases in question in the same sense in which the prophets had employed them, the sense which the people attached to them; that of a terrible and desolating judgment, without any reference to the time of its continuance. The idea of endlessness seems never to have been thought of in connection with the phraseology; nor duration of any length, indeed, but only the intensity and destructiveness of the punishment or judgment.

The blessedness of human life is denied by the death penalty.

Is the death penalty a proper form of punishment.

According to a New York Times study, the last 20 years witnessed 48% homicide rate in states with the implementation of capital punishment compared to 23% in the states without it.

The validity to the deterrence argument is annulled by the delays, endless appeals, retrials, and technicalities that keeps a person waiting for execution for years.

In the article titled “Does Death Penalty Save Lives.

Capital punishment also known as the death penalty is the brutal ordered execution of a prisoner as a punishment for a serious crime which might be murder or treason....

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Through discussing many arguments in support of capital punishment it is obvious why this method of punishment is so controversial and why it should remain in effect today, regardless of the negative criticism it garners....

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But the issue of the execution of innocent persons is also a problem for the retribution argument - if there is a serious risk of executing the innocent then one of the key principles of retribution - that people should get what they deserve (and therefore only what they deserve) - is violated by the current implementation of capital punishment in the USA, and any other country where errors have taken place.

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It's argued that retribution is used in a unique way in the case of the death penalty. Crimes other than murder do not receive a punishment that mimics the crime - for example rapists are not punished by sexual assault, and people guilty of assault are not ceremonially beaten up.