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As of this writing, the only Episode we have after the Original and Prequel Trilogies is The Force Awakens. And yeah, that movie has Han Solo, Luke, Leia, C3P0, R2D2, references to Vader, and so on. With only 6 other Episodes (5 with Machete Order), it's not unreasonable to sit down and marathon the other films before watching The Force Awakens. But once the Sequel Trilogy is completed and we're at Episode IX, will the other trilogies be necessary viewing? I honestly don't think so - I think The Force Awakens can be watched as the very first Star Wars movie a person sees, and it works just fine. Everything from previous films is either established well enough in The Force Awakens, or treated like a mysterious legend. The truth is, pretty much any of these movies can be watched alone, that's what the opening crawl is for. And yes, Episode VIII will likely have Luke training Rey or something like that, so I would argue that Episodes VII-IX are an extension of Luke's story and thus should be viewed after a Machete Order viewing of the other trilogies. But I have no doubt that Luke and Leia will both be dead by the end of Episode IX, so by the time Episode X is released, will someone need to watch the other trilogies? Won't those stories be about Finn, Rey, or possibly their descendants, or yet another new set of characters?

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So let me start out by thanking everyone for liking and spreading the original post - I'm truly floored by how well-received the post was. Considering I wrote a nearly 5,000-word essay on Star Wars, I'm pretty amazed that it was only a handful of times someone told me I was a loser neckbeard who needs to move out of my parents' basement and get a girlfriend (I'm married with a kid by the way). People only called for my public execution a couple times. On the internet, that's the equivalent of winning an Oscar, so thanks everyone!

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Lots of people are claiming Rogue One is "necessary" now because it helps explain a lot of A New Hope. I disagree. The original Star Wars (Episode IV) is a timeless piece of groundbreaking cinema, and it's been beloved by generations for nearly 40 years without Rogue One. I don't know how much less "necessary" a film could get than having 40 years of fans being unbothered by its nonexistence. It is true that Rogue One is essentially a two-hour retcon of a huge 2-meter-wide plothole, but the film is structured as a retcon, not as a new introduction to the series. Some have suggested Rogue One should be the first film in the viewing order and I don't see it at all. That's like suggesting you read "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" before "Hamlet". Rogue One doesn't work as an introduction, it does none of the worldbuilding that A New Hope does (or hell, even that The Phantom Menace does). Frankly, the movie's most glaring flaw is that the first 45 minutes or so are incredibly rushed and disjointed - the film's own characters aren't given proper introductions, let alone the entire galaxy. Characters in Rogue One talk about The Force without a single line explaining what it is. Darth Vader's introduction is abysmal if it's the first time an audience is seeing him, and his first scene ends with a dorky pun. No, Rogue One as the first movie doesn't work to me, I cannot strongly enough recommend against showing someone who has never seen Star Wars the Rogue One entry first. These Anthology films are meant to viewed in the margins of the main Episode series, that's where they belong.

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