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Himes was born July 29, 1909 in Kansas City, Missouri, the son of a dark-skinned father and a light-skinned mother, both teachers. The racial tension between his socially successful parents was palpable, leading to one of Himes' recurring themes: discrimination by blacks against blacks. Moving to Cleveland in 1925, Himes attended an integrated high school and lived in a Jewish neighborhood. His brother's blinding during a chemistry experiment and his own disastrous fall down an elevator shaft while working as a bus-boy are incidents from this period that figure in his fiction (Coffin Ed has been scarred by acid). Himes attended Ohio State University for two years, but spent much time slumming. He was asked to withdraw from school after leading several couples to a speakeasy, where a prostitute started a fight with them.1 Returning to Cleveland, he met his future wife, Jean Lucinda Johnson, and fell into petty crime. Within two months of 1928 Himes was convicted of three crimes, including armed robbery, and sent to the Ohio State penitentiary for twenty to twenty-five years. He was nineteen. In prison, he said, he learned how the world really worked – absurdly. He took a homosexual lover named Prince Rico and barely escaped the infamous Easter, 1930, prison riot and fire that killed 330 inmates. The latter he turned into his first magazine article, "To What Red Hell," which appeared in 1934 in Esquire, where he was identified by name and prison I.D. number. In prison he read many pulp magazines, including . He was particularly impressed by Carroll John Daly's Race Williams, whose exploits he mentioned in letters to the outside. 2

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July 21st is a red letter day in the diary this year – marking the 25th anniversary of the UK’s leading trade magazine for intimate apparel, Underlines.

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Underlines was launched in 1989 and became a founder member of Network Dessous Group which today encompasses 10 international titles covering lingerie, swim and beachwear, nightwear and hosiery. Pam and Sue also launched the Swimwear Yearbook – the fashion bible for swimwear stockists – in 2000 and the Stars Best Shop Awards, the only independent recognition of excellence for intimate apparel, swimwear and legwear, in 2007.

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