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On the other hand, to avoid any hints of subjective bias or a "this is just little ol' me talking" tone, most academic prose should feel as objective as possible. One easy test of objectivity in writing is the use of the first-person singular. Text in which shows up over and over again will feel weighted with subjectivity, not objectivity. In the personal essay and the letter to Grandma, that is perfectly all right, and a personal essay without 's can feel oddly detached and cold. In objective, academic prose, however, that sense of detachment is often exactly what is called for.

· For example, Mission Statements · These are descriptions of the overall aims of the business and its short term and long term objectives....

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This means we make judgement or choices based on things that are there or being offered to us, therefore values are both subjective and objective.

Every object of knowledge, external or internal for a thought or idea is as much an object of knowledge as in the eternal world is subject to modification and therefore, by Shankara’s definition, “not real.” (Viveka-Chudamani, p.8) Temporary things are still real though, because after all nothing lasts forever.

Autobiography of Red enters a world of ambiguity, where all objects are challenged and made into subjects....

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Homer, supreme practitioner of the grand style, is never subjective; "of all the forms poetry has ever appeared in," one critic wrote, "Homer's has the most objectivity, i.e., complete surrender of the creative powers to the object without any intrusions of the poet's own thoughts, feelings, or personal relations."[4]Literary criticism usually marches in step with literature itself.

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Schlegel said that, "[Shakespeare's] representation is never objective, but always personal, an expression of his individuality."[5]Writing about 1800, Schlegel foresaw the development of modern literature.