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Stevenson’s March 9 presentation, American Injustice: Mercy, Humanity and Making a Difference was based on his experiences as a social justice attorney, and themes covered in his book Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption.

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Allied in the Fight recounts the efforts made by American Jews and African Americans to fight for the fundamental American promise of equality before and during the Civil Rights era, and explores shared projects, organizational efforts, and, for a time, how many members of the African American and Jewish communities became allied against injustice. The local component of Allied in the Fight explores the Milwaukee coalition of Jewish and African American leaders who worked to convince their constituents of their shared quest for liberty and justice, as well the Milwaukee Fair Housing Movement Marches of 1967 and 1968. Allied in the Fight strives to address Black-Jewish collaboration and the complicated nature of Jewish contributions to the Civil Rights movement in America.

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The Criminal Justice Advocacy Program seeks to educate clients, the service providers, legal professionals and the community with regard to persons with developmental disabilities and the criminal justice system.

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The Criminal Justice Advocacy Program provides advocacy services to individuals who, because of their disability, may not understand the process and procedures of the criminal justice system. The Program seeks to ensure fair and equal access to alternatives to incarceration and correctional habilitative programs, as well as a more coordinated system of follow-up and aftercare through specialized community release programs and services.

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The Personalized Justice Plan is presented to the court system as an alternative to incarceration. It emphasizes the use of the least restrictive community-based alternatives to incarceration as early as possible in the criminal justice process, while holding individuals accountable for their behavior.

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The Criminal Justice Advocacy Program seeks to ensure that defendants with developmental disabilities are guaranteed equal access to justice and fair treatment in the criminal justice system. The Program can intervene during any stage of a defendant's involvement with this system, including initial appearance, arraignment, pre-trial conference, trial, sentencing, correctional facility, pre-release planning and community.


People with disabilities are particularly vulnerable to inappropriate sexual activity as victims and suspects and many unique factors weigh into this equation. Dr. Beverly Frantz, Ed.D., will address these challenges, highlighting the concerns that must be addressed for the safety and welfare of individuals and the community when sex and sexuality intersect with the criminal justice system.

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Offenders with an intellectual disability face certain disadvantages at various stages of the criminal justice system:The Criminal Justice Advocacy Program (CJAP) provides alternatives to incarceration on behalf of individuals with developmental disabilities who are defendants in the criminal justice system, and is the only program of its kind in New Jersey.