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Ap us history american revolution essay


3. Be it resolved that the American Revolution grew out of a growing sense of American identity; the colonists recognition that their experiences diverged sharply from Britain’s and Britain’s reluctance to acknowledge and support American desires for economic and geographical growth.

4. Be it resolved that the American Revolution lay in the colonists perception and interpretation of events; that liberty was fragile and threatened by conspiring politicians. This ideology led colonists to interpret British policies as tyrannical oppression to reduce the colonist to slaves.

5. Be it resolved that the American Revolution was a “tax revolt” launched by people unwilling to pay the costs of government.

6. Be it resolved that George III, the English monarch, instigated the Declaration of Independence by his claims, before the English Parliament, on October 26th 1775 that America was in rebellion and desiring independence – long before the revolutionary leaders indicated this objective.

7. Be it resolved that the American Revolution could have been avoided if Britain had issued an emancipation proclamation, freeing all slaves in the rebellious colonies.

8. Be it resolved that the colonists would have lost the Revolutionary War if France, Spain, and the Netherlands had not intervened on the Patriots side during the Revolution.
12. Be it resolved that the American Revolution was predominantly a civil, not a global, war.

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Consider how some of our "Tea Party" participants would have defending their ideas for or against the revolution.

- Rebels and Redcoats: How Britain Lost America - Video
Why was Boston the center of the colonies resentment for Britain and King George III? Consider key personalities like Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, Patrick Henry, Benjamin Franklin, and the delegates at the 1st Continental Congress. Also review events such as The Boston Tea Party, the Boston Massacre, Lexington and Concord, Colonists vs.

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What were the major issues of concern to the framers/revolutionaries? Who was involved in its creation?
2nd Continental Congress, Thomas Jefferson & John Locke's purpose of government

Revolutionary War Debates
Be familiar with some of the strongest debates and arguements that you participated in as a class. The rankings of the final top five are below. What are the major impacts of the American Revolution?

The Constitution
How revolutionary was/is it? What are the major impacts of this document upon life in America?
How did the Articles of Confederation contribute to it? Why is Shays' Rebellion linked to the creation of the Constitution? How did American's react to the Rebellion? What are the positives and negatives of a strong central government? How does Canada's Constitution compare? How did Federalists and Anti-Federalists views in response to the Constitution differ (Hamilton vs Smith)? How did the Federalists views prevail? How were the Anti-Federalists views acknowledged by the Bill of Rights?

Washington's Presidency
What are the problems the new nation, and its' President, faced? How did they solve these issues? How did the 1st President and his administration set precedents? Who were the major players in his office? What major barriers would the United States have to face in becoming a truly unified nation?

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