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Her soft-spoken words symbolically foreshadow the journey of Romeo and Juliet’s love.

This marks the beginning of the end for Romeo and Juliet’s love.

In particular, it is Tybalt’s irate character, the Nurse’s loving yet comic nature as well as the contrasting attitudes of both Romano and Juliet’s parents whose influences on the major characters generate interest; making Romeo and Juliet a very thought provoking play....

The actor performs a scene from the new Broadway production of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.”

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The Biochemistry of Love: The Learning Network contributor and English teacher tells us that her favorite “Romeo and Juliet” invites students to look at the biochemistry of love and its effects on human behavior or adolescent brain development. She starts by showing students the TED talk embedded above, then gives them this prompt:

Orlando Bloom performs a scene from the of Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.”

A play that the Times theater critic Charles Isherwood recently called “Romeo and Juliet” has been performed countless times in countless ways over its 400-year history, yet has managed to seem fresh and relevant whether staged in Stratford-upon-Avon, or

William Shakespeare does just that in the writing of Romeo and Juliet.

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Antigone’s King Creon and Romeo and Juliet’s Prince Escalus and Lord Capulet share but also have unique strengths, weaknesses, leadership qualities, and crisis-managing techniques....

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This poem should be considered an Aristotelian Tragedy because Romeo and Juliet committed their own flaw, which causes a chain reaction leading to their deaths....

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BAGHDAD — It is not poison or a dagger that takes the lives of the young lovers, but a suicide bomb. The Montagues and Capulets are divided not just by family, but also by religious sect. And the dialogue in the Iraqi adaptation of “Romeo and Juliet” is sprinkled with references to Blackwater, Iranians and the American reconstruction effort.

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Key Questions: What can we learn about ourselves and our world from a 16th-century play? How has “Romeo and Juliet” been reworked to speak to new audiences in different times and places?

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“Romeo and Juliet in Baghdad” opened Thursday at the festival and runs for 10 days as part of the cultural program linked with the coming London Olympics. Its story line of a doomed cross-sectarian love affair manages to touch on nearly every element of the recent collective Iraqi experience.

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That it garnered many laughs — especially over the buffoonish Qaeda character in an explosives-laden vest, who is Paris, Juliet’s failed suitor, in Shakespeare’s original — and plenty of tears, too, is perhaps a small sign that Iraqi society is beginning to reconcile with the trauma of the war.

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Characterized as a young and rash teenager, Juliet is easily manipulated by the strong love she has for Romeo, ultimately leading to her emotional and physical breakdown....