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tines day
why do people hate frogs
I like tadpoles
Cause frogs are nasty!
today i woke up tired
her head aint shook
the sun was still asleep
Jenna likes pink
when can we see again
and that dont stink
i love bill
of course is does, you fusty nut!!
Hockey is a fast moving sport.
Fish nets
Then you with your warm summers glow
you were late for work
under greasy things you should lurk.
I smoked my last wheezer
While kicking a geezer
this is the end of time
You'll get a nezzer
this is the end of time
Thus, the begining of the lime
WTG designed a mail system
But was stopped on court for sexual discremination
a darkened shard in my satchel I did find
For if only they hadn't disposed of their conduct....
Soldier boys go fight for us at night for us
Dragons would have continued their flight
Made of plastic and elastic
but the bats had to refuel in Transylvania
to light the trip fantastic
You are my sweet candy
the light is so bright
o randy twin lovers of mine, Sandy and Mandy
I ask thee, are you feeling lucky?
You're seeming pretty plucky...
You're seeming pretty plucky...
for a turkey on christmas eve
for a premonition
of unrequited love
Little grublings need no soup
pendium procecer
from the fundus to the infundibulum, a parade of innocent musings
make love to a non-dresser
I can write fanfic at work
Id rather go thru the looking glass
my education is a looking glass
And smoke alot of hash while sniffing ass
i get pretty high, but mostly off gas
i wanna rap the oldschool way
Johnny Depp
Tom Randell is like a bowl of cherries
make me crazy
Ian the fairy wants to marry a guy named larry
yet life's insanities mean little
And little behind the middles
the cat ate some vittles
and the dog ate some skittles
yellow bentines rock
inevitable shock-
and April how I believed in you
is so weary
dear aprili will buy you a shoe
this thread is like a big pile of poo
A shoe to walk, a shoe to throw
Why can't you see?
I love you like the wild rain
la la la
becouse whit out you their is no me
The Renegade Master
If pigs could fly
they wouldn't wallow
I would Die eating super apple pie
steph is amazing
i love him

Some examples in this regard include The Cask of Amontillado, Annabel Lee and The Fall of the House of Usher.

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Specific examples from 'To Helen,' 'Annabel Lee,' 'The Raven,' and 'Lenore' are provided to illustrate this thesis.

The tone and sound effects play a huge role in interpreting the two poems. “Annabel Lee” tends to sound a lot more like a children’s song, so the reader is forced to read in-between the lines and find the optimism, while in “The Raven,” the meter and tone and rhyme scheme all contribute to the sound that makes readers find the poem overwhelmingly scary. However, if one were to paraphrase both poems, they would be equally as dark, yet it is the meter, tone and rhymes that pull the poems to opposite poles making one almost optimistic and the other horrific.

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