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The limit of the injury is fixed, but how far the anger will sweep me no man knows." "I cannot," you say, "be forbearing; it is difficult to submit to a wrong." That is not true; for who that can tolerate anger will yet be unable to tolerate wrong?

He understands both how unjust and how dangerous it is to grow angry at universal sin.

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Just so long will this people be free from that danger as it shall know how to submit to the rein; but if ever it shall tear away the rein, or shall not suffer it to be replaced if shaken loose by some mishap, then this unity and this fabric of mightiest empire will fly into many parts, and the end of this city's rule will be one with the end of her obedience.

If, however, anger is powerless, it is even more exposed to contempt and does not escape ridicule.

Such sensations, however, are no more anger than that is sorrow which furrows the brow at sight of a mimic shipwreck, {sentiment+} no more anger than that is fear which thrills our minds when we read how Hannibal after Cannae beset the walls of Rome, but they are all emotions of a mind that would prefer not to be so affected; they are not passions, but the beginnings that are preliminary to passions.

This, rather, is what we ought to realize - how many men anger in and of itself has injured.

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This essay is about my 6 symbols. The 6 symbols I will be talking about is soccer, my bike, my personality, and my family. I will also be talking about my past and future. My past is about what I did and future is what I am going to do. My future symbol is one of the symbols I will be talking about the most believe it. I added an extra symbol for choice number 2 it is a elementary school.
My first symbol is an elementary school I went to 4 different elementary schools. I picked an elementary school because that is where I started my school education. I see how much I progressed from elementary school to high school. I am now a 9th grader I still remember the first day of elementary school and middle school. So much has changed since elementary school.
My second symbol is a smiley face picture. It represents my family because my family is happy. No matter what happen my family is still happy believe it. 2 of my family members passed away 2 years ago and one of them this year. But no one in my family was unhappy they were sad for that week but they where still happy. That is my second symbol and it represents my family believe it.
My third symbol is a crazy energetic person it represents my personality. I like to be energetic and hyper I will always do something with out getting tired. I will always be energetic to do something fun not boring. I like to stay energetic and hyper because being lazy is boring but sometimes being hyper gets me in trouble in school sometimes I can not control it. So it is not always good to be hyper believe it.
The fourth symbol is a soccer ball I put in as choice number 1. I been playing soccer since elementary school I enjoyed playing it. I stopped playing for a while then I started playing again. I am trying out for the soccer team for DHSHS eagles. I do not think I will make it though because they are just going to pick the same people from last year believe it but I am still going to try. I like playing soccer at the 8 street park and the mission springs park. But my brother is going to make it professional believe it. He is going to be the greatest soccer player. That is my fourth symbol a soccer ball for choice number 1.
The fifth symbol is a bmx bike I put it as my choice number 2. I like riding my bike. My cousin got me into bmx he is good at bmx. He taught me a lot of stuff but now he is in San Diego for school. Bmx is a cool sport but I do not have time to go to the skate park and ride anymore. Probably around January I will start again. If I make the soccer team I will probably my bike. That is my fifth symbol a bike.
My sixth symbol is a guy relaxing I want to do that. I do not want to worry about bills, money I don’t want to stress I just want to do anything I want do . I see adults going to 2 jobs just to pay there bills pay rent I do not want to be like that believe it. I am already saving money I do not waste it because there is always a time where you are going to need it. I also do not want to work for anyone at all. I want to be my own boss I do not like people telling me what to do. I want to start my own business and I want people working for me. I want to set my own working hours I want to do whatever I feel like doing. That is my way of life to become hokage as known as boss.
In conclusion these are my six symbols and these represent my family, personality, hobbies, future, and past it represents my life. My main goal is to accomplish my future goal that is my main thing I need to do believe it.

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Hi name is Denise and I am 14 years old. I have a sister who is 24 years old, and a brother who is 22 years old. So that means I'm the youngest in my family. I have chosen 5 symbols that represent my past, future, family, personality and my choice. And I shall now talk about them.

I chose a fragile heart for my first symbol and it represents for my family. I chose this fragile heart because my dad left me when I was only 2 years old, so I grew up without a dad and I always had my ups and downs with my family. My grandpa died when I was only 8 years old and ever since then, my family hasn't been the same without him. Family started talking about others behind their backs, started arguing, some stopped getting along and some started doing drugs and getting into trouble. But I know that someday will get better.

Anchor means hope and I represent this as my past. I moved around a lot since I was a kid so I always had to make new friends and leave them behind again. When I was in 8th grade at DSMS, I left during the beginning of the school year because I went into a foster home. I had to go to a foster home because of my step dad and my brother but i'm not explain what happened because that's to much personal and every time I talk about it, it brings me down. I couldn't live with my other families because some were already having problems at home and for other reasons, so I had to go to a foster home. I didn't like being in the foster home because the foster family i was in, were nice to me but they always talked trash about me behind my back and they were always rude towards me but whenever my social worker would come by to check up on me to see how I was doing, they acted like they cared about me but they really didn't. My roommate would always pick on me and call me names and stuff but I just ignored her and she would always make up rumors in school about me, so I didn't liked being there and now I have trust issues but there is only 2 people that I trust the most. So everyday, I always tried to have hope but it always seem to be a struggle for me but I always listen to music and write just to get me pass through the days. And without my friends, I wouldn't kept hope inside me.

I pick a totem wolf for my future because it means to become good at something and I want to be a good communicator in the future. I want to be a good communicator because so whenever I go up and talk in front of the class or group, I won't be scared or nervous talking towards everyone in front of the class. You see I always got nervous and scared talking in front of others because there is always a person that is gonna judge you, think of you different, not like you and so on. But i always try to push that aside me so I can continue and not get nervous or scared. So hopefully in the future, I can be a good communicator.

I was born on June 5th, 1999 and I am a Gemini. For my personality I chose my zodiac sign, Gemini because mostly some of the Gemini's are two-faced, but I don't consider myself a two-face because I am always nice towards other and I hate talking about others. And I never judge anyone about their looks, their sexuality or anything like that because you shouldn't judge others because of how they look, what their sexuality is, height, weight, or anything like that because no matter what, they're still human and we're all humans and everyone is different. I also like to try new things and I also like bright colors, it fascinates me. So just because everyone zodiac sign is different, doesn't mean you have to hate them or judge them or anything because not everyone is the same with their zodiac sign.

Finally at last, for my choice, i chosen rain because I always liked the rain. It always calms me down whenever i'm upset or sad about something, so it cheers me up. And it hardly rains in Desert Hot Springs, but whenever it rains, it always makes me happy to see the rain, it reminds me of my grandpa because he always liked the rain and I never got time to see him or talk to him that much because he always left early in the morning to work and he would always come back home in the night sometimes or just come back home and sleep all day.