In 1828, Jackson won a landslide victory.

Jackson's mother emigrated across the Appalachian Mountains after burying her husband....

Andrew Jackson was also the first to have a vice-president (John C.

Jackson ignored the separation of the branches of government and vetoed any bills he did not like such as the the renewal charter for the National Bank.

He had grown cotton, and had an abundant amount of slaves, and then he became planting elite....

Andrew Jackson exemplified these founding principles.

Jan 8 - Attended New Orleans anniversary celebration
June 1 - Lyncoya died
Nov - Elected president; John C. Calhoun, vice president
Dec 22 - Rachel Jackson died

Therefore, Andrew Jackson was a precedent of democratic rule in the United States.

The objective of the Papersof Andrew Jackson - to conduct an exhaustive worldwide search for extantJackson documents and to publish them on complementary microfilm andletterpress editions - is far beyond the ability of any single individual toaccomplish; and in achieving its goal, the staff of the Jackson Papers has beenmost fortunate in having the assistance of thousands of individuals andinstitutions. The list would be too long to name each separately, but to allwho responded to our requests for documents, to those archivists and curatorswho made available and searched collections, and to those who provided fundsand moral support, we are indeed grateful.

Andrew Jackson had many significant contributions to the democratic state of the country....

Jackson's Vice President John C.

Jan 8 - Attended Battle of New Orleans 25th anniversary celebration
March 5 - Democratic convention in Baltimore renominated Martin Van Buren forpresident
July 4 - Independent Treasury bill signed into law
July 14 - Sold Hunter’s Hill plantation to pay family debts
Oct 8 - Delivered speech in Jackson, Tenn., on behalf of the Democraticcandidates
Nov - William Henry Harrison defeated Van Buren in presidential contest

Roosevelt and Jackson were major influences towards this country.

As Encarta Encyclopedia states, Jackson fought his way to leadership and wealth in a frontier society, and his success established a bond between him and the common people that was never broken.

Jackson was in touch with the common man and had respect for him.

May 31 - Congress rescinded Specie Circular
July 15 - Joined Presbyterian church
Sept 16 - Ralph E.W. Earl died
Oct 19 - Amos Kendall arrived for visit at the Hermitage
Nov 20 - Andrew Jackson, Jr., purchased Halcyon plantation in Mississippi

Andrew Jackson was born on March 5,1767 in south Carolina.

Jan 16 - Censure of AJ expunged from Senate journal
Jan 26 - Michigan admitted as a state
March 3 - Recognized independence of Texas
March 3 - Pocket-vetoed bill rescinding the Specie Circular
March 4 - Martin Van Buren inaugurated as eighth president
March 7 - Left Washington
March 25 - Arrived at Hermitage
May - Panic of 1837 began
June 9 - Grandson, Samuel Jackson, born
Aug 16 - Madisonian, newspaper established by the ConservativeDemocrats, commenced publication in Washington
Sept 4 - President Van Buren recommended Independent Treasury