In the center Biddle (left) and Jackson square off.

He had grown cotton, and had an abundant amount of slaves, and then he became planting elite....

In 1828, Jackson won a landslide victory.

For its time, Bassett’s Correspondence set a highstandard for documentary publications. His search for documents was thoroughand exhaustive. Though forced by financial constraints to conduct his searchmainly by mail and to rely upon the assistance of others to identify and oftento transcribe documents, he managed to acquire copies of most of the Jacksonpapers then in the major repositories. His selection of documents, sometimesexcerpted and generally emphasizing Jackson’s military career, was on the wholesound, and his transcriptions, fairly accurate. Annotations and explanations,however, were sparse.

Therefore, Andrew Jackson was a precedent of democratic rule in the United States.

Andrew Jackson exemplified these founding principles.

April - Campaigned in behalf of James Monroe
Dec 4 - Andrew Jackson Donelson, son of Severn and Elizabeth Rucker Donelson,born; “adopted” by the Jacksons
Dec 7 - James Madison elected president; George Clinton, vice president

Andrew Jackson had many significant contributions to the democratic state of the country....

The admission of Texas (1845) and the Mexican War (1846-1848) were bitterly opposed by many who thought it was all a plot to add more Slave States to the Union.

Jackson's mother emigrated across the Appalachian Mountains after burying her husband....

Maryland (1632), 28 Apr 1788; Slave State #3+8.

Over the next three decades, additional significantcollections of Jackson correspondence and other papers surfaced in scatteredrepositories. The Jackson descendants’ residual collection went on the marketin the early 1920s and began to filter into repositories in the late 1930s. TheTennessee Historical Society and the State Library and Archives acquired throughpurchase and gifts a significant body of documents. The Library of Congressacquired, in 1943, approximately 600 fragments, and in 1964, from the Kendalldescendants, the small but important group of Jackson-Kendall letters thatTerrell had published in the Cincinnati Commercial. Other institutions -Princeton University, the Cincinnati Historical Society, Duke University, theUniversity of Virginia, and Morristown National Historical Park - alsoaccessioned important Jackson materials.

Roosevelt and Jackson were major influences towards this country.

He is now famous, thanks to Steven Spielberg's 1997 movie , for his 1841 defense before the Supreme Court of the captured Africans who had broken free and seized the Spanish slave ship .

Jackson was in touch with the common man and had respect for him.

This explosion in the number of Jackson papers known to beheld in widely scattered repositories prompted the establishment of the Papersof Andrew Jackson at the Hermitage in 1971 with the objective of searching forand publishing the Jackson papers in complementary microfilm and letterpressseries. The microfilm edition, in conjunction with earlier microfilm series, iscomprehensive, including all documents found in an exhaustive search. Theprinted-volume series, of which two have been published, is intended to be ahighly selective and carefully annotated edition of fifteen volumes of papers,one volume of legal papers, and a comprehensive index.

Rhode Island (1636), 29 Mar 1790; Free #5, ended slavery 1784+14.

From the beginning, in 1824, Jackson has tried to do what is best for our nation, but evidence like the spoils system, Trail of Tears, and the Bank veto, has shown that in fact most of what he accomplished is now looked on as only causing problems for the Untied States as a whole....