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What then, of a democracy, where the majority of people determines actions and policies?

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Politics in a democratic city like Athens meant participation in the Assembly (, , the origin, from a later Christian context, of the word "church"), which consisted of all the free, adult, male citizens of the city.

But it was really too late to save the popularity of Athens, even with other Greek democracies.

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Although this seems foolish on the surface, a further examination would reveal the chilling truth behind these words; throughout the history of the world, a great multitude of people have been deceived and beguiled by skilled speakers, masters of rhetoric.

Because of the mountainous geography, Ancient Greece was made up of city-states that had their own governments, values, army, and foreign affairs.

But with regards to this essay, such a consideration is irrelevant, as it is not incorrect to say that Plato did indeed have some problems with democracy, especially with regard to the Athenian model.

He was the Ivy League education of Greece, while a Sophist like Evenus was merely the typical State University education.

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One of the contemporary definitions of democracy today is as follows: “Government by the people, exercised either directly or through elected representatives; Rule by the majority” (“Democracy” Def.1,4).

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So democracy is a system of government wherein the people elect their rulers; in the case of Athens, it was, more or less, a direct democracy, where all male citizens voted in an assembly and decided by majority rule (elected officials were chosen by allotment).

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In older translations of the (like Benjamin Jowett's), it is not uncommon to find Socrates referring to "God" rather than "the god." This is an accurate translation for Biblical, mediaeval, or modern Greek, where the article tends to be used with "God" -- , an expression that can also feature capitalization, which did not exist in ancient Greek.

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Even more so, I am thankful that the ancient Greek Athenians had this amazing idea of democracy, a legacy that has benefited a lot of countries in the world.
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Our idea of democracy was derived from ancient Athens.

As such, they inflict evil upon many more people than an individual could ever hope to; after all, as a democracy, the majority’s actions affect the entirety of the state and its citizens.

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So now we can see why Plato had some unflattering opinions of democracy; for a philosopher concerned with the welfare of the soul, the idea of so many people – people that, in large groups, can be swayed easily by rhetoricians – being capable of unwittingly corrupting the health of their own souls must be horrifying.