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From this they are to individually or with the person next to you, compose a response to the following question:
"If you were the women addressed by the speaker in John Donne's 'A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning,' how persuasive would you find his reassurances?" Use evidence apparent in both his poem and the play W;t, with further reference to the related text, Sonnet 130.

An Analysis of Sonnet 130, by William Shakespeare
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It can either be in the form
of a:
- Blog/ Vlog
- Weebly website exploring this concept
- Twitter, Facebook, or other social media.
However, if you feel the need for a less creative approach, write an analytical essay addressing the same question, focusing on the textual forms of Donne's poetry, Edson's play and Shakespeare's Sonnet, still after listening to the YouTube clip of the sonnet.
1.1 comparing and contrasting texts and their contexts
1.4 explaining and evaluating changes in meaning arising from changes of context

Free Poem Analysis essay example on Shakespeare's Sonnet Poem Analysis
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Classroom Specific Content
While listening to the YouTube clip of the reading of Sonnet 130, students are to take notes on language, and literary devices used by Shakespeare.

The Analysis Of The Sonnet 130
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