As I read the text, I see most of Pi’s actions as a need to survive.

The Patel family consists of Pi’s mom, Gita, his dad Santosh and his older brother Ravi.

This sense of stripping bare is why the novel works so well.

Therefore, many aspects of the tiger like his relationship with Pi and his physical attributions give Pi incentive to stay alive during his long journey.

What do you think really happened to Pi and to the other members of the Patel family?

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energy, on the other hand, hasa unique and incommensurable advantage. The use of anyterrestrial energy produces some noxious pollution, which,moreover, is irreducible and hence cumulative, be it in the formof thermal pollution alone. By contrast, any use of solar energyis For, whether this energy is used ornot, its ultimate fate is the same, namely, to become thedissipated heat that maintains the thermodynamic equilibriumbetween the globe and outer space at a propitious temperature.

Pi creates the character of Richard Parker, who is portrayed as a Bengal tiger, to justify his incidents of savagery....

Pi was able to apply his father's wisdom of animals to the situation with Richard Parker - like using the whistle - and ended up learning something new about himself, and discovering one more piece of the puzzle that is Pi....

For those who deny the presence of a higher being, “Life of Pi” will most likely change your thought process concerning this issue.

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Considered on paper, in the abstract, the foregoingrecommendations would on the whole seem reasonable to anyonewilling to examine the logic on which they rest. But one thoughthas persisted in my mind ever since I became interested in theentropic nature of the economic process. Will mankind listen toany program that implies a constriction of its addiction toexosomatic comfort? Perhaps the destiny of man is to have a shortbut fiery, exciting, and extravagant life rather than a long,uneventful, and vegetative existence. Let other species -- theamoebas, for example -- which have no spiritual ambitions inheritan earth still bathed in plenty of sunshine.

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in a compelling harmony with all theabove thoughts we should cure ourselves of what I have beencalling "the circumdrome of the shaving machine," whichis to shave oneself faster so as to have more time to work on amachine that shaves faster so as to have more time to work on amachine that shaves still faster, and so on This change will call for a great deal of recanting on the partof all those professions which have lured man into this emptyinfinite regress. We must come to realize that an importantprerequisite for a good life is a substantial amount of leisurespent in an intelligent manner.

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It would be foolish to propose a completerenunciation of the industrial comfort of the exosomaticevolution. Mankind will not return to the cave or, rather, to thetree. But there are a few points that may be included in aminimal bioeconomic program.

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Justus von Liebig observed that "civilizationis the economy of power" [32, p. 304]. At the present hour,the economy of power in all its aspects calls for a turningpoint. Instead of continuing to be opportunistic in the highestdegree and concentrating our research toward finding moreeconomically efficient ways of tapping mineral energies -- all infinite supply and all heavy pollutants -- we should direct allour efforts toward improving the direct uses of solar energy --the only clean and essentially unlimited source. Already-knowntechniques should without delay be diffused among all people sothat we all may learn from practice and develop the correspondingtrade.