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Contrast , where the drama come from them catching on to the Dramatic Irony too late.

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Dramatic Irony, or Suspense as it is also known, turns that on its head, letting the audience see the whole picture when , or even the entire cast, is kept largely in the dark.

The real irony is that earlier Doflamingo claimed Luffy's earlier successes were due to his opponents underestimating him.

These include dramatic irony, stage directions and cliff hangers

Chief among various uses of dramatic irony are Leon's many assertions that the supernatural-thing-of-the-chapter can't be real, because magic doesn't exist...right before he stops by for tea at Count D's pet shop, where the supernatural-thing-of-the-chapter is probably in one of the rooms in the back.

The icing on top of the irony cake is that Sigint ends up making a Metal Gear regardless of his earlier dismissal of the machine.

In fact, the whole plot is one big example of Dramatic Irony, since the four think they've been sent to C'hou, empowered, and sent on the Vasyn quest by the C'hovite gods, when it's perfectly clear to the reader that the Fans initially sent them over as part of a class experiment (which went askew) and were behind most of the empowerment and the quest.

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