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Now, they just sit in front of the television watching a variety of asinine programs and movies.

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Children spending long hours in watching television are more prone to attention deficit disorders.

✦ Long hours of TV-viewing naturally reduces the time kids spend with their parents, thus having a negative impact on parent-child interactions, which are an important part of early child development.

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Television news shows many scenes of disasters and violence

Donc elle prend des risques pour certaines, et pour le reste fait de la TV standard.
Sur le fond, être populaire (ds le sens « s’adressant plus grand nombre ») signifie souvent être ringard.

The public, naively trustful, fell in love with television game shows.

The differences in media of expression and the subsequent adaptations from novel to television series has not affected the presence of this character, more than a hundred years after the publication of Dracula in 1897....

I was four years old, watching television, when I came across an exciting show called Pokemon.

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Thirty plus years after the infamous Supreme Court decision in Roe versus Wade and thirty one years after my own timely birth, I sit in awe at the ignorance of a great portion of society...their lack of understanding, their selfishness, and their brazen support of such a horrendous practice as abortion....

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However, there are a select few that survive the test of time and have the ability to keep people laughing for long after their production ends, in rerun after rerun, regardless of how much society has changed since they originally aired....

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Mental engagement while watching TV, to an extent, numbs the sensation of feeling full after eating, which may lead to excess food intake, further resulting in obesity and the associated health problems.

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Finally, the essay would conclude with my thoughts on how the Honeymooners were impacted by these aspects, but also how the show managed to leave a legacy in television today....

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So underneath all that violence and all that non pc like behavior in one of the highest rated television shows of my last ten years of living, I’m supposed to delve deeper, and see what’s really lying underneath all “that”....

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Television reflects the mass-produced society we live in and certain shows exhibit many of the archetypes of postmodernism that have become prevalent in other art forms.