About one in every 400 adolescents and children have diabetes.

Nowadays many people, especially in the developed nations though not solely, suffer from diabetes.

If the urine tasted sweet it meant the person had diabetes....

Type II diabetes (T2DM) is the failure of these b-cells to secrete adequate amounts of insulin to compensate for insulin resistance and increased gluconeogenesis combined with an overall resistance to the insulin action (8.,...

Diabetes can lead to many complications when the individual does not control their glucose levels.

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Endocrinologist and Professor of Medicine (University of Kentucky) J. W. Anderson is perhaps the world's leading researcher on fiber and diabetes.

It is usually a short-term type of diabetes and the most common health problem with pregnant women.

Diabetes has emerged as one of the major non-communicable chronic disease confronting both developing and developed countries (Oliveira, Simões, Carvalho & Ribeiro, 2012).

GDM accounts for 5-7% of all pregnancies (American Diabetes Association, 2010).

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During one of my rotations, I was assigned a young adult patient who had run out of insulin and had been admitted to the hospital following a Diabetes Ketoacidosis (DKA) episode....

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Type 1 diabetes is caused predominantly by the autoimmune destruction of the insulin- producing β-cells of the pancreatic islets, whilst type 2 diabetes results from both impaired insulin secretion and resistance to the action of insulin (Dougherty and Lister, 2011).

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Multifactorial disease such as Type 2 diabetes; Candidate gene association study (CGAS) and Genome wide association study (GWAS) are methods used to identify genes associated with specified disease and the...

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Genetically, research shows that Type 2 diabetes mostly occur in family with genealogy of the disease and often connotes children have 40% probability of developing Type 2 diabetes if their parent is a carrier (Park, 2011).

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The combination of inherited susceptibility with ecological factors can generate a positive energy balance, which produces an excessive amount of adipose tissues; containing accumulated fats that influence the development of type 2 diabetes (Ji and Friedman, 2007).

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Type II diabetes is the most common type of diabetes, with approximately 90 to 95% of the 21 million Americans who suffer from diabetes have type II diabetes....

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About 10-20 million people are affected by it in the US alone however many of them are unaware of it.33 The prevalence of diabetes has increase dramatically over the past 20 years due to changes in activity levels, lifestyles and diet....