advantages of e-mail and its disadvantages.

What are the advantages and disadvantages to having one language in the world?

But I do not think virus and spamming is a disadvantage of internet

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But we forget that the main desadvantage of the internet is Plagiarism.
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In spite of providing a wide-range of benefits, internet has some disadvantages.

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For the improvement of internet all kinds of results are published in internet so that everyone finds their result from their home quickly. Other advantages are they can find it all the time from anywhere.

As with every single innovation, internet has its own advantages and disadvantages.

When we are asked if advantages outweigh disadvantages, do we discuss both advantages and disadvantages in BP1 and BP2 respectively or just give our opinion in introduction and discuss the one which we choose. For example if we say advantages outweigh disadvantages then we just discuss advantages in the body paras or still discuss both.

Hi LizIn an advantage/ disadvantage essay, should I always say which is best in my conclusion?

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Dear Liz, i have got serious misunderstanding about structure of opinion essays. For example topic : More and more students choose to go to another country for their higher education . do you think the benefits outweigh the problems associated with it.
So, at first i have to write introduction, then positive side and of cource negative one. After it comes to opinion right? what i have to write in opinion if i agree that advantages outnumber it’s disadvantages. So, please can you explain me the structure fully and more clearly about oinion part of this essay. Thanks in advance

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Hi Liz,
Thank you for this wonderful site and your tips. Could you please clear me how to approach this kind of essay. for example, “Many people starts travelling to other city. is it a positive or negative trend”. i am very confused how to approach this kind of essays, are they same like advantages and disadvantages type?
looking forward to hear from you soon.

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See my model essay above – it shows you how I put two advantages in one paragraph. The central theme of the paragraph is “advantages” – this is what IELTS are looking for – central themes.

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However, like every other innovation in science and technology, the Internet comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, which have been discussed in this Buzzle article.

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People now have the freedom to work and live anywhere in the world due to the development of communication technology and transportation.
Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?