An essay on pornography cost Anthony Burgess his Malta house

A Clockwork Orange is a frightening fable about good and evil, and the meaning of human freedom.

Anthony Burgess’s essay on pornography to be released …

Alexander voice the most controversial idea in the novel: man becomes ‘a clockwork orange’ when robbed of free will and tuned into a deterministic mechanism....

Censorship and A Clockwork Orange ..

I think that literature should speak for itself, even if the language in which it is written is considerably inexplicable (consider A Clockwork Orange).

Alex, the Faustian protagonist of A Clockwork Orange, and a sadistic and depraved gang leader, preys on the weak and the innocent.

A Clockwork Orange often faces criticisms for its supposed blatant celebration of savagery, contempt for authority, and sexual promiscuity by promoting a character who wallows in all of these forbidden acts, but for the many people who gripe about its obscenities fail to see the function in helping the story. Perhaps the reason many potential readers of this cult favorite shy away from it can be attributed to the Kubrick movie, which was edited down from an X rating to an R, inspired copycat crimes, and was considered visually repulsive for numerous amounts of conservative movie goers; however, the book
is protected with a shield of the “nadsat talk,” and emphasizes points in ethics. For the many critics of the novella and the ones who cannot see past the lewd material, please refrain from calling it “trash.” It is just the opposite.

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