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The chain tends to overlap due to animals that eat more than one kind of food.

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There are antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria now being found in the Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs).This means that a good portion of the meat supply that is available to us is tainted.

Vegetarians are individuals who choose to abstain from eating foods derived from animals, such as meat, poultry, fish, and dairy products.

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It can refer to over-eating, which is a sin because it witholds food from the needy and also debases the glutton by making him a slave to base, animal desires, such as his appetite.

Factory farming consists of multiple animals being brutally killed in order to create food for humans....

Camille Kingsolver in Animal, Vegetable, Mineral states; “Cows and chickens that spent their lives in feedlots, fattening up on foods they did not evolve to eat, plus antibiotics, produce different meat from their cou...

Vegetarian diets are often classified by the extent to which animal products are excluded (

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According to Stepaniak, the major distinction between vegans and vegetarians is that the former strictly avoid consumption of animal products or foods processed using animal products, while the latter only avoid animals products that involve killing of the animals (154).

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That the use of animal food disposes man to cruel and ferocious action is a fact to which the experience of ages gives ample testimony . . . The barbarous and unfeeling "sports" (as they are called) of the English - their horse-racing, hunting, shooting, bull and bear baiting, cock-fighting, prize fighting, and the like, all proceed from their immoderate addiction to animal food. Their natural temper is thereby corrupted, and they are in the habitual and hourly commision of crimes against nature, justice, and humanity, from which a feeling and reflective mind, unaccustomed to such a diet, would revolt, but in which they profess to take delight.

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Ashistorian James Turner comments, "Radical politics and otherunorthodox notions went hand-in-glove with theirvegetarianism." Historian Keith Thomas agrees, "Inthe 1790s vegetarianism had markedly radical overtones." Turnerobserves that of all the "novel manifestations of sympathy foranimals" that began to appear at this time, "the most profoundlysubversive of conventional values was vegetarianism." A clergymanwho upbraided for becoming a vegetarian demonstrated the way in whichthis subversive reform was greeted: "But this new system ofeating vegetables. . .

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The documentary examines corporate farming in the United States, concluding that agribusiness produces food that is unhealthy, in a way that is environmentally harmful and abusive of both animals and employees.

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Resultingly, it will require cutting "off a slice of ourneighbours' territory; and if they too are not content withnecessaries, but give themselves up to getting unlimited wealth,they will want a slice of ours." Thus Socrates pronounces, "Sothe next thing will be, Glaucon, that we shall be at war." In , William Paley's raisedthe economic and agricultural issues associated with meateating: "A piece of ground capable of supplying animal foodsufficient for the subsistence of ten persons wouldsustain, at least, the double of that number with grain, rootsand milk."Richard Phillips's vegetarian articleargues: "The forty-seven millions of acres in England and Waleswould maintain in abundance as many human inhabitants if theylived wholly on grain, fruits and vegetables; but they sustainonly twelve millions scantily while animal food is made thebasis of human subsistence." Percy Shelley's essay culminatesthis position: claiming that with vegetarianism "themonopolizing eater of animal flesh would no longer destroy hisconstitution by devouring an acre at a meal.