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, the essence of technology is not something we make; it is a mode of being, or of revealing. This means that technological things have their own novel kind of presence, endurance, and connections among parts and wholes. They have their own way of presenting themselves and the world in which they operate. The essence of technology is, for Heidegger, not the best or most characteristic instance of technology, nor is it a nebulous generality, a form or idea. Rather, to consider technology essentially is to see it as an event to which we belong: the structuring, ordering, and “requisitioning” of everything around us, and of ourselves. The point is that technology even holds sway over beings that we do not normally think of as technological, such as gods and history. , the essence of technology as Heidegger discusses it is primarily a matter of modern and industrial technology. He is less concerned with the ancient and old tools and techniques that antedate modernity; the essence of technology is revealed in factories and industrial processes, not in hammers and plows. And , for Heidegger, technology is not simply the practical application of natural science. Instead, modern natural science can understand nature in the characteristically scientific manner only because nature has already, in advance, come to light as a set of calculable, orderable forces — that is to say, technologically.

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These obviously and at first blush appear to containno instruction in them; for when we affirm the said term of itself,whether it be barely verbal, or whether it contains any clear and realidea, it shows us nothing but what we must certainly know before,whether such a proposition be either made by, or proposed to us.

Give an example of passive power and active power.

And if the names of things may at all direct ourthoughts towards the original of men's ideas, (as I am apt to thinkthey may very much,) one may have occasion to think by the nameduration, that the continuation of existence, with a kind ofresistance to any destructive force, and the continuation ofsolidity (which is apt to be confounded with, and if we will look intothe minute anatomical parts of matter, is little different from,hardness) were thought to have some analogy, and gave occasion towords so near of kin as durare and durum esse.

When we examine our notion of pure substance in general, what do we find, according to Locke?

Thirdly, Want of tracing and examining our ideas.

If those who blame my calling them trifling propositions had butread and been at the pains to understand what I have above writ invery plain English, they could not but have seen that by identicalpropositions I mean only such wherein the same term, importing thesame idea, is affirmed of itself: which I take to be the propersignification of identical propositions; and concerning all such, Ithink I may continue safely to say, that to propose them asinstructive is no better than trifling.

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Propositions that do this areinstructive; but they are far from such as affirm the same term ofitself; which is no way to advance one's self or others in any sort ofknowledge.

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And if I know that the name gold stands for thiscomplex idea of body, yellow, heavy, fusible, malleable, it will notmuch instruct me to put it solemnly afterwards in a proposition, andgravely say, all gold is fusible.

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Instruction lies in something very different; and he that wouldenlarge his own or another's mind to truths he does not yet know, mustfind out intermediate ideas, and then lay them in such order one byanother, that the understanding may see the agreement ordisagreement of those in question.

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But yet they cannot butbe counted trifling, when made use of as principles of instruction,and stress laid on them as helps to knowledge; since they teachnothing but what every one who is capable of discourse knows withoutbeing told, viz.