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In particular, when garbage collection has five times as much memory as required, its runtime performance matches or slightly exceeds that of explicit memory management. However, garbage collection’s performance degrades substantially when it must use smaller heaps. With three times as much memory, it runs 17% slower on average, and with twice as much memory, it runs 70% slower. Garbage collection also is more susceptible to paging when physical memory is scarce. In such conditions, all of the garbage collectors we examine here suffer order-of-magnitude performance penalties relative to explicit memory management.

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It’s important to emphasize too that as a practical matter you often have the same photo in memory multiple places. For example, if you are taking a photo, you have 1) The camera screen that shows you what the camera sees, 2) the photo that the camera actually took, 3) the buffer that you’re trying to fill with compressed JPEG data to write to disk, 4) the version of the photo that you’re preparing for display in the next screen, and 5) the version of the photo that you’re uploading to some server.

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If the story of Jesus' resurrection is to be symbolic only, then all these apparently minor details have to have some symbolic meaning. Writers of symbolic accounts don't just throw in minor details to confuse their readers - every detail must mean something. So what shall we do with all the details of the resurrection story?

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