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American dispatch essay expatriate in mentioned travel;

Local Gang With Ties to Al Qaeda?

Mara Salvatrucha 13 has purported ties Al Qaeda

The thirteen is part of its fear factor. Investigators saying gang members try to commit much of their signature violence on the 13th of the month. They usually mark their territory with blue spray paint. But local officers and federal agents say the gang goes far beyond graffiti.

They are bold, brash, and very dangerous. Beatings are used as rituals to see if the kid getting pummeled is tough enough to be a member of Mara Salvatrucha. They traffic drugs, guns, illegal aliens and they protect their industry with the power of violence. The crime scenes they leave behind are said to be worst than most.
A Bristol County House of Corrections inmate was a soldier in the gangs. The weapon of choice in several cases is the machete. At one crime scene, a victim was missing three fingers.

In rapes, robberies, they killed three federal agents.
One local concern is recruitment within the prison. He would only shake his head about whether that's going on here where he was put for stabbing someone bad enough to leave them in a wheelchair.

With evidence MS 13 is growing and with four known members in his jail the sheriff says his officers focus on pulling the gangs roots before they grow.
The inmate tells officials he wants out of the gang that he believes they set him up and then deserted him. But he implies getting out alive may be next to impossible.
The sheriff says the gang's violent nature and ability to smuggle guns is attracting an alliance with al Qaeda. A Texas congressman criticized the feds for not doing enough. A FBI spokesman says a clear link between the gang and the terrorists is not established.

american dispatch essay expatriate in mentioned travel
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Specialist in Concrete Protection

By January this year, Amina told me, the townspeople of Furawiyah were on alert. The government was trying to crush a resistance movement that had emerged in Darfur, and it had enlisted the janjaweed as its foot soldiers. Amina’s neighborhood had been inundated with family members, tribal kin, and displaced strangers, who had been driven from their homes by a combination of janjaweed raids and government air assaults. Many of these visitors had not stayed long. They had stopped in Furawiyah for water and quickly resumed their journey to Chad. They urged Amina to do the same. “The janjaweed are nearby,” they said. “Leave while you still can.”

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Militia Groups Patrol Borders
By Tyche Hendricks, San Francisco Chronicle, Dateline Douglas, Arizona, May 31, 2004
Self-appointed civilian border patrols are proving to be both a help and a hindrance in keeping any eye out for illegal immigrants trying to get into the United States from Mexico, according to this article.
Hendricks writes: "Some longtime ranchers in southern Arizona, frustrated by the steady stream of northbound migrants crossing their lands, have taken to patrolling their properties and turning over those they catch to the U.S. Border patrol. But in the past few years, a new phenomenon has developed: Ideologically motivated -- and well-armed -- militia groups such as Ranch Rescue have set up shop in border communities from California to Texas and advertise on the Internet for recruits to come down with firearms and camping gear to join border protection efforts."
So far, there have been few legal violations by these groups, this article says. Nonetheless, during the past year, Ranch Rescue along with the paramilitary groups American Border Patrol and Civil Homeland Defense have had run-ins with legitimate law enforcement because of their tactics, such as detaining and handcuffing illegal immigrants.
U.S. Border Patrol spokesman Charles Griffin is quoted as saying: "Every law enforcement agency appreciates a neighborhood watch. I would caution them to be very careful not to violate someone's civil liberties."

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