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Paul witnesses the extreme violence that defines war during his time spent on the Western Front.

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Since the basic presumptions and principles of thought of a community determine all the behaviors and interactions of its people, they cannot easily be altered. Attempts at such radical social engineering inevitably disrupt communities and confuse and confound the minds of their members . Western Europe did not escape cultural confusion as its cognitive frame changed. As Foucault (1971) described, in Western Europe it produced, over several centuries, a pervasive awareness of uncontrolled madness in the minds of most people.

All Quiet on the Western Front shows the change in attitudes of the men before and during the war.

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Western commentators all-too-often misread that moderation as Westernization and trumpet the downfall of 'extremist leaders'. The ultimate democratization of Iran is an almost universal theme in Western literature dealing with the liberalizing tendencies in Iranian society (i.e. the processes of routinization ) .

He was wounded several times and in 1929 he published All Quiet on the Western Front.

It is common to all human beings that they believe that their ways are the best ways and that where other people deviate from their ways they are less than rational. Western Europeans are not exceptions to this rule. They demanded change from these groups, not because the practices they opposed were inherently bad or evil (if there is a universally valid set of criteria in terms of which such judgments can be made) but because they conflicted with their own understandings.

All Quiet on the Western Front is a historical novel written by Erich Maria Remarque.

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Unless that happens, Western individuals, ideologically committed to living in a free-market capitalist world, will continue to argue for the transfer of government assets into the private realm and democratic capitalist societies will, inevitably, over time, .

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In non-Western communities, most forms of exchange focus on the use value of the exchange object to the exchangers; and/or the ways in which the exchange affects/expresses the relationship between the parties involved, not on the relative exchange values of the objects of exchange. Many Western people find it difficult to comprehend that human beings can engage in an exchange without "automatically" assessing the exchange values involved and without calculating the investment potential of acquisitions .

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In this 21st century, the specter of elected democratic offices both bought and haunts Western democracies. Sadly, in a capitalist world, 'money talks'. It also . Sam Pizzigati, describing yet another Wall Street banker's State gubernatorial campaign, summed it up:

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Far too many Western politicians (and economists) now believe that the superstition is reality. So, they set about reordering reality to the requirements of the myth their progenitors contrived, irrationally insisting on an "intrinsic necessity of balancing the budget".

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Whereas use values take a multitude of forms, exchange value has only one form. That is why it can be expressed through a single medium of exchange: a univalent valuing system, through which the value of every commoditized object can be compared with any or all others. To understand why Western people see it as important to know the monetary worth of everything and calculate 'total worth', one has to understand the peculiar .