The Consequences of Air Pollution Essay

 Several other substances are considered contributors to air pollution in New York City.

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I know of no more informative contrast between industrial and preindustrial economies than comparing the USA’s North and South on the eve of its Civil War. The North had a vibrant, industrializing economy that quickly became history’s greatest, with its labor nominally free, and the South had a relatively moribund economy based on slave labor. The North used its industrial capacity to grind down the South in a war of attrition, just as . Superior industrial capacity, which is rooted in energy supplies, has won all major wars during the past two centuries. World War I ended when the , and much of the war was devoted to cutting off the other belligerents’ oil supplies. When Germany surrendered, it had one day’s worth of fuel. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941 only after the , and Germany lost World War II after its , and the Nazis simply ran out of fuel. Cutting off access to hydrocarbons, oil in particular, was the industrial equivalent of starving out the enemy in a siege, or how continually tried to cut off the other's access to wood. Oil has been humanity’s , and explains imperial meddling and warfare in the Middle East. All other factors are irrelevant or of extremely minor importance and are often promoted in an attempt to deceive uninformed observers such as the American public; proximate causes, if not entirely fictional to begin with, in those delusion-inducing analyses.

What happens when a citizen sues his own city over air pollution? We may soon find out in China.

Air pollution in large modern cities Essay

for mass extinctions have been suggested. speculated that extinctions might have regular periodicity, and other scientists have . Around 30 million years is the average time between mass extinctions, which set scientists speculating whether galactic dynamics could be responsible. from supernovas have been proposed as one possible agent, as have , but the periodicity hypothesis has fallen out of favor. The periodic nature of mass extinctions could be because it takes millions of years for complex ecosystems to recover from the previous extinction events and build themselves into unstable states again, when new events cause the ecosystems to collapse.

The concentration of these in and near the urban areas causes severe pollution to the surroundings.

When a city attains a population of about 100,000-to-200,000 people, the costs of civilization begin outweighing the benefits, and when a city reaches a population of about one million, the detriments become so pronounced (clogged transportation lanes, pollution, crowding, crime, disease, etc.) that it must enact extraordinary measures to remain livable.

It affects the geography and climate of the city, causes pollution, and a housing crisis....

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Poorer water quality means water pollution, it means one or more substances have built up in water to such an extent that they cause problems for animals or people, there are many causes in our world that needs to be fixed in Health care or else the human world will be in chaos, which extinction will occur to animals and diseases will spread to human beings that cannot be cured.40% of water got polluted and...

Air pollution is a dangerous side effect of living in cities

Recently, the World Health Organization released a that indicted toxic air pollution for 3.7 million deaths worldwide. Though China is currently taking steps to curb its smog epidemic, such as giving monetary to cities and regions that reduce their pollution, the untold environmental, health, and social consequences will take some time to assess. China’s urban pollution woes, though extreme, are hardly unique. Even developed Western cities are struggling to reduce their smog. Just last , Paris briefly made public transportation free in an effort to reduce air pollutants from automobiles. Although the United Sates has been able to relocate some of its dirtiest industries oversees, what people on the West Coast (no strangers to smog) are quickly realizing is that the effects of air pollution cannot be restricted to one city or or one country–or even to one continent. In a published in January, scientists discovered that emissions in China can be carried across the Pacific to US shores, thanks to powerful global winds. Researchers say that Los Angeles experiences on average one extra day of bad air per year because of Chinese factories. The next time a Chinese city is sued over its pollution, the plaintiff may be a resident of Los Angeles. When it comes to curbing drastic levels of urban pollution, there are no technological silver bullets. With the world quickly urbanizing, cities and their denizens will have to work individually and collectively to press for new laws and accountability measures–and to see that they are enforced. The question then remains: Who will step up and take responsibility for the future ecological health of our growing cities? In China, we will soon find out.

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… the city’s Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau to ‘perform its duty to control air pollution according to the law’, the Yanzhao Metropolis Daily said. He is also seeking compensation from the agency for residents for the choking pollution that has engulfed Shijiazhuang, and much of northern China, this winter.