Aggressive driving can refer to any display of aggression by a driver

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Aggressive driving is often given the old "I know it when I see it" definition, however, it needs to be defined to be targeted and reduced. Aggressive driving is defined as any behind-the-wheel behavior that places another person (or people) and/or property in danger through willful action without regard to safety. Aggressive driving can range from risky behavior to that which escalates to serious violence. Common driving behaviors include: tailgating, weaving in and out of traffic, passing on the shoulder, speeding, cutting off traffic, honking, yelling, flashing headlights and using inappropriate gestures. In the extreme, it can include bumping or ramming another vehicle or brandishing weapons.

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Even if the new components could be made invisible, Herrtwich says, he worries about separating people from the driving process. The Google engineers like to compare driverless cars to airplanes on autopilot, but pilots are trained to stay alert and take over in case the computer fails. Who will do the same for drivers? “This one-shot, winner-take-all approach, it’s perhaps not a wise thing to do,” Herrtwich says. Then again alert, fully engaged drivers are already becoming a thing of the past. More than half of all eighteen-to-twenty-four-year-olds admit to texting while driving, and more than eighty per cent drive while on the phone. Hands-free driving should seem like second nature to them: they’ve been doing it all along.

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The car'sand the road's physical environment can either facilitate or inhibit theexpression of aggression while driving. Manipulating environmental conditionscan inhibit antisocial and competitive drivers from driving aggressively.

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The majority of these incidents involve men between the ages of 18 and 26. However, the number of aggressive women drivers is on the rise. There is also a general increase of women on the roadways at higher risk times, such as rush hour and at night.

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State Farm and KRC Research conducted an online survey of 1,000 U.S. drivers over 18 years old and learned there's room for improvement. According to the survey nearly two out of three (64 percent) U.S. drivers have experienced an act of aggressive driving six times or more in the past three months from another driver.

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With a large number of drivers affected by aggressive driving already, the new survey revealed nearly a third of drivers say their likelihood to engage in aggressive driving increases during the winter holidays.

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Aggressive driving is most commonly charged under the reckless driving statute, but if the driving behavior escalates it can result in a variety of other safety citations and criminal charges. In 1998, Arizona became the first state to enact a law making aggressive driving a crime. Nearly 17 states have considered road rage legislation (Colorado legislators considered and rejected several pieces of Aggressive Driving legislation in the 2001 Session) and some communities have adopted special ordinances that specifically target aggressive driving. For example, Douglas County, Colorado has an ordinance that allows officers to double the fine, if they determine the offense is an aggressive driving violation.

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Aggressive driving isn't anything new. Here are some newspaper quotes that show hostile driving is more a state of mind than a sign of the times: