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Only in the stillness of a moonless night, or in the quiet of a Sunday afternoon, or in thethin dawn of a new day, when our world is close about us, do they rise up in our memoriesand stir in our sentient hearts.

We clearly see this in the stories “Boys & Girls”, “Cat in the Rain”, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and the poem “A Far Cry from Africa”.

I believe in the sunshine after the rain

In fact, what seems to be a simple tale of an American couple spending a rainy afternoon inside their hotel room serves as a great metaphor for their relationship....

Essays and criticism on Norma Fox Mazer's After the Rain - Critical Essays

Issa had lived a very lonely life after his mother diedwhen he has was two. He lived with relatives after that time,but his early verses show that he was still an extremelylonesome young man. Tradition records that at about the ageof six years his loneliness was reflected in his poetry whichtranslates to:

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"Seven Routes to Hogan's Alley and Vancouver's Black Community," one of Compton’s more Vancouver-centric essays, is sited in, can be sighted in (there are visual elements), and cites a particular neighborhood, a three or four block area in the East End/Strathcona section of Vancouver. Despite this more parochial point of view, many of the author's observations about his project of "cultural recovery" can arguably be applied to other locations and instances of artistic production, historical documentation and cultural memorialization. Photos of the Hogan's Alley Memorial Project's installation, in conjunction with the Vancouver Flower Brigade, of a sign "Hogan's Alley Welcomes You" spelled out as "floral graffiti" on a strip of green space below a highway viaduct, follow and complete the essay. This record of what may be a transgressive act of neighborhood beautification recalls an earlier series of photos Compton staged of make-believe historical sites, "Lost-Found Landmarks of Black Vancouver" (Performance Bond). Referring to that earlier work, he says that the "photographic section is, as far as I am concerned, a poetic device." History and metaphor cross over one other as the Hogan’s Alley photos now record a real, albeit transitory or seasonal, landmark.

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The need for distinguishing between the two parts of the ku takes on importance when one begins to discuss the use of articles (a, an, & the) because it is possible to have different rules concerning the different parts. Before getting into that, let me state that the fragment can be (or usually is) either line # one or line # three. A clear example of the first is:
rain gusts
the electricitygoes
on and off

I like "after a rain" for the title of a work

As for me, the rain is slowing down and my sun is coming. Every day without him gets easier, but it still hurts. I will never be complete again, but I can be happy. He is the inspiration of my career dreams. I know when I accomplish them my dad will be proud and my rainstorm will end. I believe that times will never be so bad that you cannot get through it. I believe all the hard times will end. I believe in the sunshine after the rain.

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Even without punctuation the reader can hear and feel the break between the fragment (rain gusts) and the phrase (the electricity goes on and off). Also one instinctively feels that the second line break would go after goes. Yet, another author may find merit in continuing the line to read "the electricity goes on" and then let the final line bring in the dropped shoe - "and off". I chose to have "on and off" as the third line because my goal was to establish an association between "rain gusts" and "on and off". One can write of many qualities of "rain gusts", but in this ku, the "on and off" aspect is brought forward and thenreinforced by bringing in the power of electricity.