Euthanasia is a huge ethical dilemma within healthcare today.

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Drew wrote the following college admissions personal essay for question #1 on the pre-2013 : "Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you." Even though the essay prompt is no longer an option, Drew's essay could still work with the under option #2 on challenges and failures, or option #7, the open topic.

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Based on these corrective measures and interaction between the Apple organization and Foxconn business entity, there have been improvements in relation to the working conditions to the Chinese workers protesting for the lack of the quality environment. This relates to the information provided by the Fair Labor Association, in the United States, Foxconn, and key supplier to the Apple organization fulfilled on the agreement proponents. This is through the enhancement of the working conditions in relation to the two plants in Chengdu and Shenzhen. These improvements continue to raise the demand and influence of consumers in relation to the iPhone and iPad products within the market and industry of operation. The improvement and relevant solution to the ethical issue continue to improve the case of dominance by the Apple entity thus the opportunity to compete effectively and efficiently in the market and industry of operation. It is also essential for the two organizations in the form of Apple and Foxconn to operate together towards the elimination of the problems or challenges facing the workers. This is through embracing of the challenges facing Foxconn by Apple Company thus the ability to work together in the enhancement of the conditions for the workers of key supplier to the development of the Apple products (Hinks, 2012).

It shows the progression of BMW’s ethical dilemmas of having prisoners of war and concentration camp workers, allegation of bribery, to its racial discrimination.

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This framework in dealing with the ethical dilemma requires the society or relevant organization to adhere to the moral rights of the individuals involved in the transactions or interactions (Palmer, 2010). In case of organizations, it is essential to promote and respect the rights of the consumers, employees, shareholders, and suppliers in order to address the moral dilemmas within the entities. This framework requires organizations to view individuals in the context as an end to themselves rather than a means to an end. Thus, if the organization believes that it is morally to offer minimal wages to the employees, it is ideal to avoid unethical condition in the low salaries, in accordance with the proposal of the rights-based ethical framework.

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This approach solely focuses on the individual facing the ethical dilemma (Palmer, 2010). This indicates that the individual in context must decide on the virtue he or she has to implement for the classification of humanity. In the context of the ethical dilemma, it is essential for the individual to adopt and implement an action that relates to the virtues of humanity. These virtues include generosity, honesty, loyalty, and transparency.

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Drew does not go down this predictable road. At the heart of Drew's essay is a failure -- he acted in a way that did not live up to his personal ideals. He chose convenience and self-advancement over his values, and he emerges from his ethical dilemma thinking he did the wrong thing.

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The question Drew responded to about an "ethical dilemma" is not one of the . That said, the Common Application essay prompts are broad and flexible, and Drew's essay could certainly be used for the or .