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. The Federal Communications Commission is reviewing its 22-year ban against in-flight cellphone calls, igniting concerns among frequent fliers about plane cabins becoming much noisier. At its meeting Dec. 12, the FCC will consider changing its rules to allow passengers access to mobile wireless services. The 1991 ban began because of concerns about jamming ground stations.

. A landmark court case has ruled there is a link between using a mobile phone and brain tumours,paving the way for a flood of legal actions.

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According to a BBC report India has the fastest growing mobile phone market in the world, with more than 170 million subscribers. Every month around seven million new subscribers are added to the list and a large number of them are children.

The rate of crimes has also been increased due to the increasing use of mobile phones.

. Oakland County commissioners asked no questions last March before unanimously approving a cellphone tracking device so powerful it was used by the military to fight terrorists. Now, though, some privacy advocates question why one of the safest counties in Michigan needs the super-secretiveHailstorm device that is believed to be able to collect large amounts of cellphone data, including the locations of users, by masquerading as a cell tower. "I don't like not knowing what it's capable of," said county Commissioner Jim Runestad, R-White Lake Township, who has met in recent weeks with sheriff's officials about his concerns.

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. Movie theater owners faced with falling attendance are considering asking federal authorities for permission to jam cell phone reception in an attempt to stop annoying conversations during films, the head of the industry's trade group said on Tuesday [3/14/2006].

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. Cellular phone usage aboard airplanes is proliferating. Before the departure of any given flight, no less than four or five passengers (sometimes 20 or more) will have a cell phone glued to one ear. On the ground, the decision to allow mobile calls is left to the discretionof individual airlines. But government regulations prohibit cell phone use in flight. Contrary to what most passengers believe, the Federal Communication Commission (the government agency that regulates telephone usage), not the FAA, imposed the in-flight ban on cell phones in 1991.

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. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission prohibits the use of mobile telephones aboardany aircraft in flight. The reason given is that mobile phone systems depend on channel reuse, andoperating a phone at altitude may violate the fundamental assumptions that allow channel reuse to work.

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. The National Association of Theater Owners wants the Federal Communications Commission to allow the blocking of cell phone signals in theaters. John Fithian, the president of the trade organization, told the Los Angeles Times [12/17/2005] theater owners 'have to block rude behavior' as the industry tries to come up with ways to bring people back to the cinemas.

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. As shown by the flurry of comments filed with the Federal Communications Commission in the past few days, there's a consensus building to relax rules that since 1991 have banned cell phone use on U.S. commercial flights. Now the hard work begins -- deciding to what extent to ease the rules.