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Marina Nemat is the author of Prisoner of Tehran and After Tehran: A Life Reclaimed.

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I’ve often wondered whether or not someone who really had do to life in prison would think it was a break. I would say that I agree with this guy though. If you had to be in solitary confinement for the rest of your life, you would be better off dead.

A day in the life of a prisoner isn?t always dreary but being connected to the outside world only by the 4 o?

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If we stop giving life imprisonment sentences to criminals on this ground, then probably most of the criminals would be walking around free on the streets within ten to fifteen years.

Vonnegut's work is often humorous and light-hearted, mixing settings of fantasy with everyday situations of life.

@Alan: Only 8% of the US is on Drugs or drug users… That said, I do not believe it should be under the Justice Departments preview. As to riots, been there done that… The bad behaviour is on both sides and has nothing to do with the fact that these people whether prisoner or guard come form the same community class and are pitted against each other because they are both stupid and can’t talk to each other… that is an educational nd a communications problem… Who and when should one or the other recognized they are brothers? (I am sure you want to put the weight on the guard or the police officer, I on the other hand think it has to be us the law-breaker) In my family and in the many families of my associates, it was easy for we sat across at Sunday meals from our fathers, uncles, brothers that were law enforcement while we were criminal. Same kitchen table with ma and dad… (Brother is a Sheriff, many of my family are military, youngest daughter Homeland Security.) Power to the people… These are my people; the people those bums want to destroy.. I was an organized crime guy. I played my game and took the chances; I also paid big for what I did; i don’t blame anyone for the lose of family, friends except myself… It was all about me. (just like it is all about them, now they cry poor me. They need to man up.) You throw the dice you should know the game, win or lose you got in it on your own. Unless you have a mental disorder, on which I take a very different view… (Note: I am talking about the Criminal’s here) Not mental Health people who need to be under mental health. Eg. Sex-Offenders, drug addicts, anyone with a mental disorder…

One further point. 50,000 prisoners on full life sentences in the USA. In the UK, 50. FIFTY. The US justice/prison system is out of control.

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His words are powerful and yet I’m a parent and a daughter who’s mother was killed when I was 10. Growing up without one of your parents is tough but more so, when they’ve been taken from you by someone who kills them. You go on…but you never ever get over that and it’s kind of like a prison sentence in your mind and that death makes your life take twist and turns that are forced on you because someone took their life and changed your life!

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good. you killed two cops. you killed two people. what did you expect the people of the state to give you? sympathy? am i supposed to feel bad about being in solitary confinement? this is the best alternative to the death penalty? boredom? good. you see this punishment is what people like me who embrace life on planet earth feel you deserve. feel what it is like to live and suffer. one day youll meet your maker but for now we who love life and liberty will have a say before you leave on …..

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The points covered in Blake’s essay are; the hell of solitary confinement, the lousy hand he was dealt in life, an overzealous judge, a tiny mention to the lives he destroyed and ended.

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Cry me a river.
Solitary and food loaf twice a day is far cheaper than is the death penalty and it’s nearly endless appeals.
The author “discovered” the same thing the designer / warden of Alcatraz Prison discovered / said; that an inmates greatest punishment is solitary confinement with the demon that is himself. Death is the easy way out and if those in solitary wanted death they could find it. There are justified murders and unjustified murders. Killing correctional guards under the circumstances that happened here was inexcusable. So sad. Move on.