Below are some long term and short term effects of smoking....

Diseases caused by the effects of smoking or second hand smoke may lead to emphysema.

But few are aware of the effects of smoking on their heart.

The effects of smoking are extremely widespread, even more so than the CDC’s data suggests, because individuals can be affected by second or third-hand smoke.

Have you had someone in your family who has suffered or died from the effects of smoking.

There is nothing passive however about the effects of this smoke.

Smoking has a long history, and since the era of television it rose in fame, and it became popular and effects children (future legal adults) into thinking that it is cool, without the after effects.

No one knew about the long-term health effects of smoking tobacco before the twentieth century.

The effects of smoking tobacco not only affect the user but surrounding people as well: permanently destroying their lungs and children, increasing the chances of diseases and of cancer.

Second hand smoke is smoke they have breathed in from other people's cigarettes.

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Many studies have examined and outlined the adverse effects of maternal smoking on both the mother as well as on the baby and/or infant ( Hofhuis, de Jongste, & Merkus, 2003 & Woolbright 1994).

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According to the CDC, however, cigarette smoking leads to more than 480,000 deaths each year in the United States, which translates into one out of every five people dying from smoking tobacco....

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E-cigarettes are used often by smokers who want to kick an addiction, or save some money. You have probably seen the perplexingly sweet smelling smoke blowing around from these electronic devices. Maybe you’ve even ripped some dolce gelato flavored vape before.

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Although smoking is considered to be legal to anyone eighteen and older, the law does not protect the surrounding victims Smokers are protected by the part in the declaration of independence where it states “life liberty and pursuit of happiness.” This statement provides the right for people to consume what they want and where they feel comfortable.

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Remember as a child, watching old films on the television as the character delivers a charming or acerbic line and lights up a cigarette or a Cuban cigar and blows smoke rings wearing the most sharp black dress or suit....

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The detrimental effects of smoking to your health, the carcinogenic materials in cigarettes and the smoke byproduct, and the surprising negative impact on one’s appearance are compelling reasons to neve...