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The agents knowing, at the same time, that in this locality quite a number of exhibitons of various grades and character are advertised, and that fertile fancies have given birth to the most extravagant promises, whilst a spirit of emulation has generated a considerable amount of gasconade, would quietly remark that the great show possesses 7 features which can be seen in no other exhibition in the world.

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In the 21st century, however, the SAT and the ACT are just part of a gauntlet of tests students may face before reaching college. The College Board also offers SAT II tests, designed for individual subjects ranging from biology to geography. The marathon four-hour Advanced Placement examinations — which some universities accept for students who want to opt out of introductory college-level classes — remain popular: nearly 350,000 took the U.S. history AP test last year, the most popular subject test offered. There's also the PSAT, taken in the junior year as preparation for the full-blown SAT and as an assessment for the coveted National Merit Scholarships. And we've still only covered high school — one of the main criticisms of President George W. Bush's 2001 No Child Left Behind education reform was its expansion of state-mandated standardized testing as means of assessing school performance. Now most students are tested each year of grade school as well. That means that by the time they graduate to college — where the essay, the experiment and the case study still rule — the reprieve from bubble-filling and time limits is a welcome one indeed.

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Ambassadors at that time were nobles with little foreign or diplomatic experience and needed to be supported by a large embassy staff. These professionals were sent on longer assignments and were far more knowledgeable about the host country. Embassy staff consisted of a wide range of employees, including some dedicated to espionage. The need for skilled individuals to staff embassies was met by the graduates of universities, and this led to an increase in the study of international law, modern languages, and history at universities throughout Europe.

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