Today I would like to tell you why I would like to become a teacher.

This would be her second year teaching at Southern Maryland Elementary School.

This is really hard for me because I do not want to become a teacher.

Being an elementary school teacher is a highly rewarding profession. Building the academic foundation of young minds can be challenging, but is incredibly worthwhile. If you are considering becoming an elementary school teacher, here are the top ten reasons why you may want to take the leap into the classroom:

It had never really occurred to me though, that I have been a teacher for a long time myself....

Some of us wanted to be teachers, business owners, or a veterinarian.

I want to be an English teacher, because I want to be the positive influence in my students’ lives, helping them to find the love in English, I have found.

There are so many reasons to become an elementary school teacher. What are yours?

In addition, , a teacher may have to attend staff or club meetings, be required to go to parent teacher conferences and might even chaperone field trips.

I think teaching is a part of my family’s heritage as most of my family have been teachers.

It offers teaching techniques to promote and reinforce good behavior.

Too young, and with no real context as an elementary school student to appreciate what my teachers personally derived from what they were doing, it wasn't until middle school that I began to think that I might want to be a teacher.

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I wanted to be like them, to be able to do what they could do, and yet I understood that I would have to forge my own style of teaching that would draw on my strengths, knowledge, skills, values and experiences.

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I believe that teachers individually and collectively can not only change the world, but improve it, and in the process find personal and professional renewal.

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Many of the CSU Campuses provide a means of completing final student teaching through a full year internship in a participating school district. Visit your CSU campus website for details on the specifics concerning their internship program. Most programs provide a range of support structures and mentoring while allowing the intern to receive over 90% of the first year’s teacher salary while completing final student teaching units. The list of CSU campus Web addresses may be found at

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If you have a science teaching credential and would like to secure No Child Left Behind compliance or add another science subject area to your portfolio, visit

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Approximately 50% of future science teachers are coming from a pool of individuals who have had prior careers in other areas of endeavor and who have decided to begin a new career in teaching science. There are support structures at the various CSU campuses to help make the transition as smooth as possible. Some campuses have federally funded projects specifically targeting the needs of the career changer. You are not alone. We need your talents and experience in the science classroom. Visit the CSU campus website for more information or consider visiting the National Science Teachers Association Career Center at .