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The Civil War, which Sidney Mead calls "thecenter of American history," was the second great event that involved the national self-understanding sodeeply as to require expression in civil religion.

The defenders ofslavery before the Civil War came to reject the thinking of the Declaration ofIndependence.

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Reconstruct a Great Naval Engagement
History, Social Studies, Technology, U.S. History
Some advances in technology involved the battle for supremacy on the waters. The USS Monitor and USS Merrimack (later CSS Virginia) were among many steam-powered, iron-clad vessels built to defend harbors and rivers, confront opposing warships and attack positions on land.
“ ” is an article that spans time. has researched the infamous confrontation of the two ironclads in 1862 and the fateful sinking of the USS Monitor ten months later. He has also told the modern story of lifting the remains of the ironclad and sailors, and preserving them.
Journalism and English teachers might focus on how the article is structured. History teachers might use the article as both source of information and as an example of writing a research-based, primary-sourced essay.
Use the information given in this article to create a timeline for the USS Monitor, USS Merimack and CSS Virginia. This can be the starting point to research more about the Confederate ironclads that were among the many wooden Union warships. Other students may be interested in exploring the preservation of artifacts from the Civil War.
Use The Washington Post tweets for background as well. Begin reading the and on March 1, 1862.

The American Civil War – which tore the nation apart from 1861-1865 – has innumerable causes

Take a Road Trip
Geography, Social Studies, U.S. History
Read “,” an April 3, 2011, Post Travel article. Writer Zofia Smardz takes readers from Pennsylvania through Maryland to Virginia on a Civil War road trip. Teachers should have a map ready to follow the route and make stops.
“,” a photo gallery, takes students on routes traveled in the 1800s.

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In chapter 8, book 4 of , he outlines the simple dogmas of the civil religion: theexistence of God, the life to come, the reward of virtue and the punishment ofvice, and the exclusion of religious intolerance.

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Virginia, U.S. History: The student will demonstrate skills for historical and geographical analysis and responsible citizenship, including the ability to
a) identify, analyze, and interpret primary and secondary source documents, records, and data, including artifacts, diaries, letters, photographs, journals, newspapers, historical accounts, and art, to increase understanding of events and life in the United States;
c) formulate historical questions and defend findings, based on inquiry and interpretation;
i) identify the costs and benefits of specific choices made, including the consequences, both intended and unintended, of the decisions and how people and nations responded to positive and negative incentives. (Skills, VUS.1)

Virginia, U.S. History: The student will demonstrate knowledge of the Civil War and Reconstruction Era and their importance as major turning points in American history by
a) describing the cultural, economic, and constitutional issues that divided the nation;
c) identifying on a map the states that seceded from the Union and those that remained in the Union;
d) describing the roles of Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, and Frederick Douglass in events leading to and during the war
e) using maps to explain critical developments in the war, including major battles;
f) describing the effects of war from the perspectives of Union and Confederate soldiers (including African American soldiers), women, and enslaved African Americans.

English: The student will read and demonstrate comprehension of nonfiction (5.6)

Standards of Learning currently in effect for Virginia Public Schools can be found online at

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Can someone help with my American Civil War thesis statement? - So the essay has to be about the role of the federal government during the American Civil War.

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Merrimack, the situation, who won, its importance......if u dont know any of these just give me a really good website for the civil war that i can find the answers easily