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Shc34 - 2.1, 2.2 & 2.3 Essay - 1165 Words

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29, 2013

3.2 2.1 Essay - 456 Words - Free Essay Examples and …

Hello Liz,
Thank you so much for all the articles and videos here on your blog.
I gave my belts exam today i.e 06/01/2018
and wanted to share my topics for the writing task 1 and 2
task 1
Your company has organized a foreign language training and now you and your colleagues think there should be more language training sessions.
write a letter to your officer and include the following
1. How did you and your colleagues felt about the foreign language course
2. Why do you want more language training sessions
3. suggest a place and time for the course

5, 2013

It is very important that you understand what you are being asked to write about. Because you only have 45 minutes for this part of the GED, you probably will not have time to revise your essay if you realize too late that you have misunderstood the prompt. The very first thing you should do during this portion of the test is think about the prompt to make sure you understand what you are being asked to write.

Take a few minutes to go through these steps:

Step 1 - Read the prompt carefully: This is not the time to skim-read. The prompts are generally not very long, but it’s important that you read slowly and carefully to make sure you understand what is being asked of you. Reading the prompt carefully will get you on track early in the writing process.

Step 2 - Underline key words: The prompt will contain key words that will reveal the prompt’s topic. The prompt will also communicate how you are expected to write about the topic. These key words might include action verbs that tell you what to do and nouns that tell you what topics to cover. Underlining these words will help you focus on them as you plan your essay.

Step 3 - Restate the prompt in your words: The best way to understand the prompt and commit it to memory is to repeat it in your own words. Pretend that you are explaining the prompt to yourself or another student. Restating the prompt in your words will help you think clearly about the prompt and absorb it.

The following is a sample GED essay topic from the American Council on Education. Practice the three steps for understanding the essay topic using this sample topic.

7, 2013

Tda 3.2 1.1entitlement and Provision for Early Years Education

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Tda 3.1 - 3.2&3.3 Essay - 253 Words

Recent years have seen rapid urbanization around the globe which in turn has resulted in large companies building sky scrapers rather than individual houses. Housing statistics issued by European Commission in 2016 revealed that 70% people dwell in apartments in Spain rather than in houses.
One of the key advantages of an apartment is security. Having been raised in an apartment myself, I can vouch for the fact that my father used to travel in comfort knowing that our neighbours were there to help us in case of an unfortunate event. Moreover, uninterrupted power and water supply has pushed more people to opt for apartments as the hectic schedule of most professionals leave them little time to worry about scarcity of resources which are of utmost importance.
In addition to the above, club facilities for example access to gym, swimming pool etc. helps individuals to maintain a healthy life style without travelling long distances. Availability of convenience stores within the apartment complex is also a factor which contributes to people preferring apartments over houses. However, every benefit comes with strings attached and apartments are no exception. Sound seepage between the walls of the adjoining apartments has been a deciding factor for certain individuals who prefer to live in houses. Also, ability to design the house as per one’s taste and be able to modify the exteriors in the future is an aspect missing in apartments. Growing and larger families prefer house as this give them space by building a conservatory or loft in future.
In conclusion, the type of space one selects for living is down to one’s interests in life, profession and the size of the family. However, personally I find apartment living a much wiser and economical option than living in a house.
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1 Paragraph, 2-3 Paragraphs, or 5-Paragraphs

Think about each of these questions in relation to the sample essay topic.

What is the essay prompt asking you to do?

The sample essay question asks the writer to identify one goal and explain how she or he will achieve it.

What is your main idea?

For example, if you're writing an essay about your career goals and you're in the middle of a career transition, your main idea might on getting a better job.

What are your subpoints?

Our example writer has chosen three subpoints to support her main idea: (1) finish school, (2) prepare a resume, and (3) search for jobs.

Your thesis statement should respond directly to the essay prompt and sum up your main idea. It is also helpful to preview your subpoints in the thesis statement. So, once you have everything identified (what the essay prompt is asking you to do, what your main point is, and what your subpoints are), you can put it altogether. A thesis statement for the sample essay topic might sound like this: